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How to import your Custom Data?

We have developed a custom solution that especially favors shops and SaaS-es that are just starting out, as well as websites with low traffic.

To begin, click on ADD YOUR DATA button.

When you’re in the Custom Data segment you will see a predefined user list and how the data should be set up.

As you can see, we require only 4 things from your side.

First Name
Last Name

The data provided is just an example of how your user data should be structured.

It is recommended to have from 15 - 60 rows of user data on your list to accomplish the natural randomness of impressions.

We highly recommend you to download our example CSV file so you can easily structure your list.

After you’re done with the list, you can upload it by clicking on the CSV button, selecting the file, and clicking on OVERRIDE.

Have in mind that this action will erase all of the users currently in the list and override them.

If you wish to add your users individually you can always do so by clicking on Add Row.

Just fill out the fields and click on Submit.

If you wish to edit certain fields you can always do so by clicking on the pen/Edit Row icon.

Just don’t forget to click on Save afterward.

If you do not want certain users on the list to show up you can always delete their rows by clicking on the trash bin icon below the Actions column.

After you’re done with the setup of your custom data, click on Go Home, and finish setting up your Cue.

If you wish to learn more about how to set up your Cue read this help article.

Updated on: 23/11/2020

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