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How to Customize Your Cue

After you’re done with connecting your Intercom or your own Custom Data, you may proceed to the customization of the Cue itself.

First of all, you need to type in your domain.

the domain on which you want your Cues to show up

The sliders afterward allow you to customize the duration and the time in between different Cues.
You can set the duration of your Cue notification on the first slider.

The second slider allows you to set the time in between different Cues, whether they're regular or Hot and Urgent ones.

slider setup

Second, select the desired info text. You can choose from our predefined options, or you can add your own custom info text.

The third step is the screen position of your Cue. Pay attention to where your chat plugins, support buttons, etc are, as you don’t want them to overlay each other. You can center it, set it to be on the left or the right side on your website.

For example: if your customer support chat button pops up in the right corner, you would probably want to position your Cue on the left-hand side of the screen.

no, these are not political orientations

The privacy settings are very important for the customization of your Cue. Depending on the country your customers are from, you can choose the following levels of data transparency:

All data (this will show the full name of a person, as well as the city and state) Gravatar photo included
Some hidden (this will only pull the first name and the entire Geolocation of a person) Gravatar photo included
Only location (this will not pull the name of your user, but will pull the entire Geolocation)
GDPR friendly AF (this option allows you exactly this, to be as friendly as possible. It will pull only the state of the user)

grey icon means that Cue is pulling Gravatar info

In the fifth step, you have an option to shape your Cue message.

In the Verified by field, you can customize your proof of legitimacy. This is where social proof as a concept works wonders, so pay attention to what your website visitors consider important.

For this step, we recommend adding the name of the integration you’re currently using, whether it’s Intercom or other relevant platform, but you’re free to use whichever proof your customers consider of value.

Since all of the Cues are clickable (Premium package only), in the Link to field, you can redirect your customers to whichever page you wish to. Use UTMs if you wish to track your Cue performance.

After you’re done, proceed with creating your Hot Cue and Urgent Cue as well as adding your Cue JS snippet to your website.

Updated on: 03/03/2020

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