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How to Connect & Disconnect Intercom?

In order for Cue to work, it will have to be either connected to Intercom or filled with your own Custom Data.
Read this article for additional insight into how you can easily connect and disconnect your Intercom account.

Click on CONNECT WITH INTERCOM located on the app’s homepage.

After you click on the button, you will be redirected to the OAuth during which you will Authorize Cue to get access to your Intercom account.

Multiple workspaces
If you have multiple workspaces, make sure to pay attention to the account from which you are getting the data. You can switch workspaces by clicking on the dropdown button as in the screenshot below.

After you get redirected to the homepage, you will see a green checkmark that will let you know whether or not you’ve connected Intercom properly.

if all is connected properly this is how it will look like

Now, all that’s left is to Customize your Cue and Upgrade your Account.

Disconnecting your Intercom account
If you wish to disconnect your Intercom account you can do so by clicking on the trash bin icon and clicking on Yes in the popup window.

click on Yes

After disconnecting, you will always be able to reconnect your Intercom account with Cue or your Custom Data.

Now all that's left is to customize and create your Cue.

Updated on: 04/03/2020

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