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How to implement JS snippet on your website?

In order for Cue to work, the Javascript snippet you get from us has to be applied to your website. The code will always remain the same regardless of the editing and customization of your Cues.

Here is where you can see the snippet provided.

Click on the copy button and go to your website.
In this article, we will cover three methods on how you can apply the snippet.

If you have any additional questions regarding the implementation, be sure to reach out to us at any time!

How to add JS snippet to Wordpress
In your Wordpress account go to Appearance
Click on Theme Editor
Locate Theme Editor under Apperance
Under theme files locate header.php
find the header.php file
Locate the closing head tag ( </head> ) and apply the JS code right above it.
right above the &lt;/head&gt; tag
Afterward, just click on Update File so the changes can be saved.
don&apos;t forget to save your changes :)

How to add JS snippet to Shopify
Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code
Click on the edit code under Actions in your Themes

Go to theme.liquid and then paste the snippet right above the closing head (</head>) tag.
go to theme.liquid and apply the code right above &lt;/head&gt;

After you apply the code click on Save.

How to add JS snippet with GTM
In your GTM Container's workspace, go to Tags - New
create a new tag in your worspace

Click on Tag Configuration to choose a tag type
Choose a tag type

Select the Custom HTML option
choose the custom HTML option

Name your tag, paste the Cue JS code, set the tag to fire for All Pages trigger, click Save
paste the code and set the tag to fire on all pages so Cue can fire on all cylinders :)

Important note:
Don't forget to publish your container!

After you successfully insert the code on your website your Cues will be showing.
If you’re having any issues whatsoever reach out to us at any time.

Updated on: 02/03/2020

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