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How to set up Urgent Cue?

Urgent Cue is a Cue variation created with the feeling of "fear of missing out" or FOMO in mind, which can additionally enhance social proof signals by creating fully-customizable Cue notifications.
this is how the Urgent Cue notification looks like

You can find the setup of the Urgent Cue right below Hot Cue.

There are three things you need to define.

Custom Text: this is the action you mainly want your user to perform and it’s entirely customizable. Use this to drive the FOMO effect on your website.

drive the FOMO where it is most wanted

Here are a few handy examples, but feel free to play around with this:

Booked a call
Downloaded e-book
Registered for trial
Purchased product...

Triggered After X Cues: this is where you define after how many regular and Hot Cues combined Urgent Cue is triggered.

Use this in a combo with Hot Cue. If your Hot Cue is set up to be triggered after 3 cues, and you want your Urgent Cue to be triggered right after the Hot Cue, set the Urgent Cue to trigger after 4.

The Custom number of visitors, which should be defined in a range from and to.

As always, when you’re finished, don’t forget to hit the SAVE button and proceed with implementing your Cue JS snippet to your website.

Updated on: 02/03/2020

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